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What are the main benefits of the on-line training to the company?

There are several benefits for the company:

  • There are no travel and per diem costs
  • The retention of the skills and adoption are equivalent to in-person training
  • Remote learning allows teams to remain engaged while sharpening Sales Skills
  • Asher’s Sales Training applies to all industries and all customer-facing team members
  • Applies to B2B, B2G, and B2C Sales teams
What is the ROI of the Sales Training?

83,000 salespeople trained, averaged over 23 years the following ROI have been seen:

  • Increase of New Sales 18%
  • Decrease of 42% in Sales Cycle Times
  • Increase of Current Clients by 22%
What are the benefits of the on-line training for individuals?

There are several benefits for the individual participants:

  • The content is presented one skill at a time, allowing each person to work at their own pace
  • They learn the skill and can apply it right away
  • Periodic reminders are sent to help people stay on track
  • Access to Asher trainer during Q & A session
  • All students will receive a copy of John Asher’s book “Close Deals Faster”
Is on-line training as effective as in-person training?

The average training evaluation scores given by students to in-person and on-line training are very close. In person training scores a bit higher 9.4 to 9.1

  • If the material is fresh and up to date, all salespeople benefit equally. The Asher Sales training modules are based on the latest neuroscience studies
  • All Asher trainers are experienced former executives, sales managers and salespeople with over 20 years of sales training experience
  • Each Module ends with a quiz to confirm skill comprehension
Will participants take the sales aptitude assessment as a part of the on-line training?


  • It is included in the training investment.
  • The APQ assessment must be completed prior to the first webinar
Do the on-line modules work on all standard mobile devices (laptops, iPads and mobile phones)?


Which type of training do most students prefer?

The preference is about 50/50. Some students prefer the social interaction of the in-person training. Others like to set their own pace and accomplish the on-line modules at their time of choosing.

How will managers know if students actually completed the modules?

A certificate of completion will be emailed to participants and managers.