ChatGPT for Sellers

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Judy Schramm and Ann Marie Beebout from ProResource share their expert insights on the benefits of using ChatGPT for LinkedIn.

Everyone is talking about ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence tool from OpenAI. It’s the fastest growing consumer application of all time, having reached 100 million users in just two months. 

But exactly how can you use it as a seller?

In this course, you are introduced to ChatGPT. You learn where to find it and how to access it. You experiment with specific tasks to help you optimize your LinkedIn profile, create compelling LinkedIn posts, and message prospects persuasively.

The sessions are rich with examples that show exactly how to structure your prompts and evolve the text ChatGPT provides so you get higher quality results.

After this course, you will understand exactly how to use ChatGPT as a seller to build a more powerful personal brand on LinkedIn, be respected as an expert, and interact with prospects and customers more effectively.